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Remarks by Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj on the occasion of...
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Remarks by Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj on the occasion of the Signing of the Concession Agreement of the Kholongchhu Hydroelectric Power Project

Monday 29 June 2020


Dr. Jaishankar,
Dr. Tandi Dorji,
Lyonpo Loknath Sharma,
Foreign Secretaries Harsh Vardhan Shringla and Kinga Singye,
Power Secretary Sanjiv Sahai,
Distinguished Colleagues.

My goal isn’t to take up an exorbitant amount of your time or to enter the technicalities of which we are all too familiar.

I would like to make three main points about a Project, whose foundation stone was laid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

First, sustainability. It gives me great pride that we will be embarking on a project which is inarguably another step towards clean energy. The world undoubtedly needs to learn from Bhutan and its relentless passion towards safeguarding its beautiful land. This project and its endeavours is truly an example to the world.

Second, our friendship as two countries. Kholongchhu is a continuation of our bilateral cooperation, Chukha, Kurichhu, Tala and Mangdechhu all stand as proud examples behind this, epitomising the core of this friendship: partnership for a greater good. With this 7th hydro project (Puna-I and Puna-II being works in progress) we further the noble visions of both His Majesty and Prime Minister Modi as we develop even greater trust between our two countries.

And lastly, if I may say so myself, today should be a wonderful opportunity for us to congratulate ourselves. Because today we are part of the Kholongchhu Hydroelectric Project, the first Joint Venture Project between our two countries. This Project set in the spiritually and culturally rich Trashiyangtse District of Eastern Bhutan promises to bring greater growth and prosperity in this region, very much in tune with the Bhutan Government’s emphasis on an inclusive development model where no one is left behind. indeed, an exceptional venture.

There’s a lot to be done. There’s a lot more to face: successes and challenges, but today, we begin a noble journey and isn't that just always the best place to start?

Thank you.



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