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Nehru Wangchuck Scholarship Programme for the Academic Year 2023-24

          The Embassy of India and Royal Government of Bhutan invite applications from Bhutanese Civil Servants and private individuals for the award of Nehru Wangchuck Scholarship for the Academic Year 2023-24. Nine Nehru-Wangchuck Scholarships would be available, covering all expenditure. The Scholarship is aimed at supporting Bhutanese nationals to study Post Graduate Programmes in India’s premier educational institutions.

  1. The Government of India extends the following benefits to recipients of the Nehru Wangchuck Scholarship:
  • Full Tuition fees and other admission-related charges;
  • 50,000/- monthly stipend;
  • 12,500/- annual book allowance;
  • 10,000/- as one-time establishment allowance;
  • Thesis/Research Grant of Rs. 63,000/- (for research-based courses)
  • Airfare;
  • Health insurance coverage
  1. The priority areas of study identified by the Royal Government of Bhutan under the Nehru Wangchuck Scholarship for 2023-24 are: Hydrology/Water Resources, Agribusiness, Data Analytics (Fintech, Cyber Security, Coding and AI), Economics, Energy Economics, Engineering Science (Geotechnical Engineering & Engineering in Geology), Environmental Engineering, Uro Surgery and Veterinary Science (Radiology/Pathology), Professional Accounting, Human Resource Management and Media Communication.
  1. The last date for submitting application for the Nehru Wangchuck Scholarship is Tuesday, 10th January, 2023. Civil Servant candidates have to complete the online application on the website of the Royal Civil Service Commission (https://www.rcsc.gov.bt) and private individuals have to submit their online application on the website of the Department of Workforce Planning and Skills Development (https://www.molhr.gov.bt/?p=261887) along with all necessary supporting documents within the deadline.
  1. The award of the Nehru Wangchuck Scholarship is one of several initiatives of the Government of India to strengthen long-standing partnership between India and Bhutan in the area of education, capacity building and skill development.


30 December, 2022

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