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E-Tender notice by Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited...
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BHEL has floated an open tender on 24.06.2019.

The complete tender document (comprising of technical specification, forms to be filled up, terms / conditions, instructions for tender submission etc.) has been uploaded to following websites 

1. BHEL EPS website -  https://bhel.abcprocure.com/EPROC/ .

2. http://www.bhel.com/tender/view_tender.php?tenderid=46471     

3. https://eprocure.gov.in/epublish/app , tender id : 2019_BHEL_440976_1

 Tender Name: Supply of 1Cx300 sqmm 33 kV(E) AL XLPE Armd for 129 MW SPV Project, SCCL Telangana (4 sites).

Kindly note that the tender is due on 06.06.2019, 13:00:00 Hrs. Please submit your offer on e-tender portal https://bhel.abcprocure.com/EPROC/

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