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Ambassador's Scholarship Online Application Form for the year 2022

  1. The online Ambassador’s Scholarship for 2022 academic year may be accessed and submitted through the link; https://indembthimphu.gov.in/studentscholarreg_2022-23.php.
    (Please use Google Chrome browser)
  2. After submitting your application, you can check/see whether your application submitted successfully by clicking here. After clicking this field – the application no. should start with 2022…….. – if the application no. starts with 2021…….. then your application is not submitted and you will need to try again.
  3. Students may fill up online Ambassador Scholarship form for 2022 through Computer/laptop, Please do NOT try to submit application through Mobile Devices.
  4. Please compress the documents and then upload them for successful submission of application.
  5. Click to check if you are already registered. In this link, showing this year's Registered No. (starting with 2022 then the application is submitted successfully).
  6. All applicants must type in their first names and surnames in CAPITAL letters
  7. Only Bhutanese students who are studying in Indian institutions (not already passed out) and not in receipt of any Government of India or Royal Government of Bhutan or DAHE, M/Education Scholarship are eligible to apply.
  8. Submission of application successfully does not imply that Scholarship will be awarded.

Details of Applicant

1. Given Name of the student (CAPITAL LETTERS) *
2. Surname of the student (CAPITAL LETTERS) *
3. E-mail ID *
4. Bhutanese Citizenship card No. *
5. Upload copy of Bhutanese Citizenship card(both front and back side) *
6. Parent/Guardian's name (CAPITAL LETTERS) *
7. Annual income of Parent/Guardian *
8. Upload your passport size photograph *
9. Address in Bhutan *
10. Telephone Number in Bhutan *

Details of College/Institution

1. Are you taking online classes from your college/university? *
Yes No
2. Name and Address of College/Institution *
3. College Id/College Reference No. *
4. Name and telephone number of College/Institution official dealing with foreign students.  *
5. Email Id of College/Institution official dealing with foreign students. *

Education Details of Applicant

1. Name of the course for which scholarship is sought *
2. Duration of the course in Years *
3. Date of joining the Institution *
4. Year/Semester in which studying last year *
5. Year/Semester in which studying at present *
6. Marks obtained (%) in last Annual Exams/Last Semester *
7. Upload copy of Marksheet of Previous year or last semester duly attested by head of the institution  *
8. Upload Certificate from College/Institution in the given format *
9.Certificate from College or Institution *
10. Fee receipt of academic year 2022-23 attested by College/ Institution *
11.Whether recipient of any GoI/RGoB Scholarship currently  *
Yes   |   No
12.Whether applicant is pursuing course in Buddhism/Buddhist studies *
Yes   |   No

Statement of Purpose:

1. Statement of Purpose explaining why you are pursuing this course and your future career goals (Word Limit:200 words) *

Bank Account Details:

NOTE: Please fill in the Bank account details carefully. Fill in the Bank account details. (i) The bank account should be in the name of applicant’s NOT in the mother, father, brother, sister or any other relatives or friend’s account be accepted. (ii) The bank account acceptance should be of Bhutan Bank only (NOT Indian Banks). Once the details are filled in the application they cannot be changed.
1. Name of Account Holder *
2. Relationship of account holder with applicant(Please write SELF if account is in applicant's name) *

3. Account Number *
4. Name of the Bank *
5.Name of the Branch 
6. Bank Address *
7. Upload Scan of first page of passbook showing details of account holder and bank account *

Confirm Password 
Please confirm that following documents have been uploaded before final submission: *

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