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Press Release - Ambassador's Scholarship 2023-24 - May 2024

Embassy of India Thimphu



Award of Ambassador’s Scholarship 2023-24

The Embassy of India is pleased to announce the award of the Ambassador’s Scholarship 2023-24 to Bhutanese students pursuing studies in Indian colleges, institutes and universities. A total of 1020 Bhutanese students, who met the eligibility criteria for Ambassador’s Scholarship, were awarded the Scholarship in Phase I this year. In Phase II, 78 more students have been awarded the Scholarship. Thus, a total of 1098 students have been awarded Ambassador’s Scholarship for the year 2023-24. The funds for the Scholarship have also been doubled to Nu. 80 million this year for meritorious and deserving students.

  1. India remains an attractive and affordable destination for quality higher studies, including in STEM subjects, for the Bhutanese Through various Scholarship Programmes and academic collaborations, Government of India has been striving to support the meritorious and deserving Bhutanese students to pursue higher studies in India. The Government of India enjoys close partnership with the Royal Government of Bhutan in the area of higher education and skill development, and looks forward to further strengthening it.

  2. The Embassy of India wishes the recipients of Ambassador’s Scholarship 2023-24 every success in their academic pursuits. The complete lists of recipients of the Ambassador’s Scholarship-2023-24 may be seen at the links below:

  3. List_of_Scuccessful_Candidates-Phase I-23 February2024

    List_of_Successful_Candidates-Phase II-20May2024


Thimphu, 22 May, 2024