Consular Services Consular Services

Consular Services

I. Registration of Indian Nationals (Resident in Bhutan)

  1. One recent passport sized photographs
  2. Any one of the following documents as proof of being an Indian Nationals
    1. Passport.
    2. Voter Card.
    3. Domicile/Residential Certificate (with photograph).
    4. Any other relevant document.
  3. Proof of Occupation/Residence in Bhutan.
    1. Occupation : Certificate in company letterhead stating that the individual has been working in the firm and should also mention the period of employment. 
    2. Residence : Certificate from the owner signed with undertaking that, the Indian National has been living in his/her house. Also a photocopy of owner's citizenship certificate or other document regarding ownership of property.

II. Birth Registration

As per Regulations issued by Ministry of Home Affairs, registration of the birth of a child in Bhutan has to be registered within a period of one year in the Embassy of India, Thimphu, Bhutan. If the registration of the birth of a child is not done within a period of one year of its birth, then it will be done only after the parents represents to the Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi, giving reasons for the delay. After permission is granted by Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi, a birth certificate is issued by the Embassy
Requirements for Registration of Birth:-

  1. Two recent passport sized photographs of the child.
  2. Birth Certificate issued by local hospital authorities.
  3. Valid passport as proof of either of the parent being an Indian National.

 III. Death Registration

  1. Proof of deceased being an Indian National. 
  2. Papers issued by the hospital authorities, if the person has died in the hospital accompanied by, the paper issued by the local police authorities.
  3. Papers related to cremation (if cremation has taken place in Bhutan).

IV. Police Clearance Certificate For Indian Nationals

  1. Two recent passport size photographs.
  2. Copy of Passport.
  3. Copy of sponsorship letter.

V. Police Clearance Certificate For Bhutanese Nationals

  1. Two recent passport size photographs.
  2. Photocopies of relevant Certificates/testimonials supporting period (dates) of stay/study in India.
  3. Copy of Passport.
  4. Copy of Citizenship Identity Card.
  5. Recommendation letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bhutan.
  6. Copy of sponsorship letter relevant for the Visa applied for.