Frequently Asked Questions on Ambassador’s Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions on Ambassador’s Scholarship

Frequently Asked Questions on Ambassador’s Scholarship

Embassy of India


Online application for Ambassador's Scholarship 2023-24

Frequently Asked Questions

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I can't access the online application from the EOI website link. I am trying to apply from my mobile device/tablet.

You are requested to apply using a laptop or a desktop PC. Please do not use mobile device for applying.


I am a fresh undergraduate student passed out from a college of Bhutan.

I have not yet taken admission in an Indian university/institute /college. Am I eligible to apply for the scholarship?

As on the date of application, if you are not enrolled in a regular UG/PG course in an Indian institution, you are not eligible to apply.


I have completed my Bachelor's/ Master's degree from an Indian university in May/June 2023? At present, I am studying (or working) in Bhutan now. Can I apply?

As you have already passed out from the Indian institution and you have completed your studies in India, you are not eligible to apply.


I am in the first semester/first term/first year of UG/PG studies in my college in India. Which marksheet should I upload?

As stated in the application form at S. No. 7, if you are in your 1st semester/ term/year of Bachelor's degree, you may upload your Class XII marksheet. If you are in 1st semester/year of Master's degree, then please upload your final Bachelor's degree marksheet.


I am a student in an Indian institute with DAHE/RCSC scholarship/ICCR/GOI scholarship. Am I eligible to apply?

All Bhutanese students who are in receipt of any DAHE/RCSC/RGOB/ICCR/GOI scholarship are not eligible to apply. All applicants are required to confirm that they are not in receipt of any such scholarship.


Reference S.Nos. 8 & 9 of application form where a certificate is to be uploaded in the given format from the college/institution. Since, I am resident in Bhutan doing online classes and thus I am not in India. How will I get the certificate for uploading in the form?

As you are doing online classes, you may be in touch with administration officials/Registrar/ Admn./Finance officer of your Indian college/university. Please send an email to them requesting them to complete the proforma certificates, fees receipt and then sign documents, stamp them and thereafter send scanned copies of the documents by e mail to you.


Reference Bank details section of the application.

I don't have a bank account in any Bhutanese/Indian bank. Can I give the account number of my parents or some other relative?

The last date of application for the scholarship is 15 November 2023. Thus, there is sufficient time for you to open a bank account in any of the Bhutanese/Indian bank. You cannot submit bank account details of your parents or anyone else in the online application form.


I am studying in a university of Bangladesh/Thailand/Australia/UK/USA. Can I apply?

No. The first requirement of eligibility for the Ambassador's scholarship is that you must be a Bhutanese national who is enrolled and studying in an Indian university/institution. Thus, you are not eligible to apply.


I can't submit the online application. There seems to be an error message when I try to submit the application.

Please note that all the fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory fields required to be filled in. Thus, your application will not be complete till you complete all the mandatory fields of the application and upload all the necessary documents required to support your scholarship application.

If you have any additional question, which is not covered above or in the Press Release, then you are requested to call us anytime during office working hours on Tel. No. 02-339656 or send an email to Education Section, Embassy of India => edu1[dot]thimphu[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in. We will endeavour to get back to you with an answer/response as soon as possible.