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Ambassador's Scholarship Online Application Form

Ambassador's Scholarship Online Application Form for the year 2022

You must first read the FAQs at the link before you start filling the online application.The online Ambassador’s Scholarship for 2022 academic year may be accessed and submitted through the link;
(Please use Google Chrome browser)

After submitting your application, you can check/see whether your application submitted successfully by clicking here( * Registration number starting with 2022 specifies your latest application has been submitted successfully. * Registration number starting with 2021 specifies your application details of the previous academic year 2021 - 22. Kindly try to register again for the academic year 2022-23 )

Students may fill up online Ambassador Scholarship form for 2022 through Computer/laptop, Please do NOT try to submit application through Mobile Devices.

Please compress the documents and then upload them for successful submission of application.

Click to check if you are already registered.This link shows the registration details of the academic year 2022 - 23 only. (Registration number starting with 2022 specifies your application has been submitted successfully)

All applicants must type in their first names and surnames in CAPITAL letters

Only Bhutanese students who are studying in Indian institutions (not already passed out) and not in receipt of any Government of India or Royal Government of Bhutan or DAHE, M/Education Scholarship are eligible to apply.

Submission of application successfully does not imply that Scholarship will be awarded.